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Planning and Exercise Division

FEMA’s Planning and Exercise Division’s maintains integrated planning is the foundation of successful operational coordination. The division harnesses the National Security Council’s exercise cycle in each aspect of our work: Plan, Train, Exercise.

Subject matter experts comprise the eight branches of the Planning and Exercise Division, working to advance FEMA’s impact through effective and operational plans and informed disaster decision making.

We provide practical analytical tools for responders and strategic guidance and coordination of planning program management which enhances national and regional readiness to respond to disasters.

What We Do

Provide guidance on policies and doctrine on executable regional plans that support all phases of disaster operations across the 10 FEMA regions in collaboration with federal, state, territorial and state partners.

Capture, analyze and develop GIS products to enhance situational awareness and enable expeditions and effective decision making.

Provide data, resources, and technical assistance to emergency managers to support hurricane evacuation and response decisions.

Develop strategic plans outlining the federal response to the nation's most complex and catastrophic disasters.

Coordinate, develop and conduct exercises to test and validate FEMA's planning efforts and preparedness posture.

Analyze emergent threats, provide synchronized logistics and supply chain management through planning prior to and during disasters.

Provide the means, guidance, and workforce to enable intra and interagency coordination, collaboration, and coordination in response to or recovery from an event, by readying and employing a competent and prepared workforce.

Key Advances

  • Intentional alignment of agency strategy
  • Identified and corrected gaps in knowledge and assumptions
  • Developed integrated plans representing multiple agencies positions
  • Heightened acceptance and support of plans and exercises
  • Systematic consensus on current state and end goal
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