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Revolving Loan Cycle of the Safeguarding Tomorrow RLF Program

The Safeguarding Tomorrow through Ongoing Risk Mitigation Revolving Loan Fund (Safeguarding Tomorrow RLF) will enable eligible entities to create a revolving loan fund for hazard mitigation projects, cost match, nature-based solutions, upfront project design costs, or for smaller projects that may not qualify for other Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs.

A revolving loan fund (RLF) is a funding mechanism where loans are issued from the administering entity to eligible recipients for a project, and then after the project is completed, the loans are repaid to the loan fund with interest.

FEMA provides funding to states and tribal governments via a capitalization grant. The participating state, territorial, or tribal government deposits an amount that is at least 10% of the capitalization grant into an established entity loan fund.

  • The entity loan fund provides assistance to local governments to expedite eligible mitigation activities in their communities with greater flexibility and autonomy.
  • The lender entity is responsible for monitoring project progress and loan repayment from local communities.
  • As local governments repay loans, these funds can be utilized for new loans.

FEMA will monitor the use of funding through reporting mechanisms and audits.