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Continuity Excellence Series - Professional and Master Practitioner Continuity Certificate Programs

FEMA National Continuity Programs (NCP) established the Continuity Excellence Series (CES) – Level I, Professional Continuity Practitioner and Level II, Master Continuity Practitioner – to address the full spectrum of requirements to support a viable continuity capability. The series is designed for continuity professionals throughout the federal government and among our state, local, tribal and territorial governmental partners, private-sector owners of critical infrastructure/key resources, and non-governmental organization disaster response entities.

Courses are available for students at all levels, from individuals new to continuity to program managers with many years of experience. Training classes enable personnel to develop and enhance their continuity knowledge and expertise. Some courses are offered in a web-based independent study (IS) setting to allow students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of continuity.

Benefits of Continuity Excellence Series Qualifications

The CES Program brings valuable benefits to the professionals who engage in it, their sponsoring organizations, and for all of America. CES combines emergency management, continuity, leadership and instructional development courses.

When participants deploy in emergency response, the training better enables them to understand the range of activities that comprise national continuity, and how each individual task works with others to ensure essential functions are performed in any type of crisis or emergency.

CES offers individuals committed to continuity planning a path to advance and hone their skills at all stages of their careers. The training and tools CES provides form the nucleus of a professional continuity cadre serving to prepare and protect the nation as well as its communities.

Training Locations and Courses

Many CES courses are available online, designated with an IS in the course number. For more information, please visit the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) for FEMA Independent Study website. CES has been coordinated with EMI and meets the EMI Excellence Series requirements.

Applicants must complete the following courses and activities in any order from Level I or Level II to earn the qualification(s) unless specified as prerequisite to another course on the list.

Continuity Excellence Series - Level I Professional Continuity Practitioner Requirements

Continuity Excellence Series - Level II Master Continuity Practitioner Requirements