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Non-Disaster Grants Management System

The Non-Disaster Grants Management System (ND Grants) provides FEMA and its stakeholders with a system that supports the grants management lifecycle. The system allows users to perform and manage many tasks and assignments including submitting applications, reviewing and accepting awards, submitting amendments and performance reports.

ND Grants provides users with an effective system that is collaboratively developed, supports a user-friendly workflow, and assists users in managing grants. The ND Grants team continually gathers input, best practices, and lessons learned from FEMA grantors and recipients, as well as other external FEMA grant stakeholders to incorporate improvements to the system.

Access the Non-Disaster Grants Portal

ND Grants allows stakeholders to:

  • Manage organizations and task assignments
  • Submit applications
  • Review and accept awards
  • Submit amendments
  • Submit performance reports

User Resources

The following supplemental guidance is available to provide recipients and users with information on registering and using the Non-Disaster Grants System.

The System and Business Support Branch offers comprehensive training of the ND Grants System to grant applicants and recipients. If you would like to be added to the training distribution list, please provide your contact information to our Service Desk.

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If you need help using the ND Grants System, please contact the ND Grants Service Desk at 1-800-865-4076 or NDGrants@fema.dhs.gov. If you have programmatic or grants management questions, please contact your Program Analyst or Grants Specialist.

Non-Disaster Grants

Grant programs that use the ND Grants system include:

Preparedness Grants

Other Programs