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For Community Officials

Know Your Risk

Know Your Role

Take Action

The work of community managers is fundamental to the effective management of floodplain resources and flood mitigation. This section provides information for community officials about Risk MAP and the NFIP.

Know Your Risk

FEMA flood hazard data, maps and other products developed as part of the Risk MAP program will help you better understand your community’s flood risk. This information can help you plan to reduce flood risk, communicate with your residents and create a dialogue with neighboring communities about ways to work together to reduce risk.

If there is a Risk MAP project underway in your community, updated maps and/or other products about flood risk are in the process of being developed which can easily be incorporated into your own local plans, mapping systems and outreach materials.

Know Your Role

Get Involved in the Risk MAP Process

You can take part in helping to identify a potential mapping need by submitting a mapping need request for a geographic area in FEMA's Coordinated Needs Management Strategy (CNMS) tool (works best on Internet Explorer). The CNMS tool is FEMA's approach to coordinate and manage the agency's inventory of flood hazard studies and flood hazard mapping needs of areas where a flood hazard study may be needed. CNMS is beneficial for community officials in analyzing and depicting flood hazards to enhance understanding of flood risk and make informed decisions on community planning and flood mitigation.

Additionally, if there is a Risk MAP flood risk project already underway in your community, your input will be important to make sure that maps and products accurately show local flood risk. View all the steps involved in a flood risk project on the Risk MAP Project Lifecycle page.

Understand Requirements of the NFIP

Any new or updated flood maps and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report will need to be adopted and used by your community. Failure to adopt and enforce regulatory requirements based on the new flood map can result in suspension from the NFIP. For more information about community responsibilities, refer to Adoption of Flood Insurance Rate Maps by Participating Communities.

Learn about Available Risk MAP Products

While the flood map and FIS report support regulatory requirements of the NFIP, other Risk MAP products are designed to help you with planning and outreach efforts to reduce flood risk in your community. Information about the different types of products and how to access them is available on the FEMA Flood Risk Products page.

Take Action

Plan Ahead

If you haven’t already, consider preparing a community hazard mitigation plan. These plans can help you to make more informed decisions based on the risk of flooding and other natural disasters.

Mitigate the Risk

Learn what flood reduction measures are right for your community:

  • The Mitigation Resource Guide provides a robust list of federal resources, including grants, technical assistance, loans and other means of support for potential mitigation projects.

Request a Map Change

FEMA's Online Letter Map Of Change (LOMC) is an internet-based tool that allows applicants to easily request map Amendments or Revisions. It is a convenient way for applicants to upload all information and supporting documentation and check the status of their application online.

Additional Resources

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