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Resources for Environmental and Historic Preservation Practitioners

The Unified Federal Review (UFR) Process establishes a consistent process and best practices for you, as an Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Practitioner, to conduct reviews of proposed disaster recovery projects whenever multiple federal agencies are engaged in the same disaster recovery effort. 

The resources available on this page will assist you in building relationships with applicants, federal agencies, tribes, and state and local agencies to unify and expedite EHP review of proposed disaster recovery projects.

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Visit the UFR Library for tools available to support Environmental and Historic Preservation reviews for disaster recovery projects.

How EHP Practitioners Can Use the UFR Process

The purpose of the Practitioner’s Guide to Unified Federal Review (Practitioner Guidance) is to establish guidance for disaster recovery2 staff operating in the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) while recognizing that agencies may have unique processes. This guidance outlines resources to support compliance review alignment and UFR tools that facilitate a consistent process for the EHP review of proposed disaster recovery projects, promote EHP policies that are not always understood or utilized, and document best practices. This Practitioner Guidance will assist disaster recovery staff within Funding Agencies and Resource/Regulatory Agencies to build relationships with Applicants, Federal and SLTT Agencies to unify and expedite EHP review of proposed disaster recovery projects.

Communications Tools

The UFR Infographic is an informational diagram that explains the UFR process. The infographic outlines the goals of the process and who is involved at the national, regional, and field level.

The UFR Fact Sheet is a simple overview of the UFR process that can be distributed at public meetings or other events.

The UFR FAQ Sheet is a quick reference for some common questions. The document can be distributed or used a reference.