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Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Action Plans and Project Evaluation

State of Louisiana Master Action Plan for the Utilization of Community Development Block Grant Funds in Response to Hurricane Isaac: Action plan for the disbursement of CDBG-DR funds throughout the State and in Saint John the Baptist and Plaquemines Parishes, Louisiana.

CDBG-Disaster Recovery Grant Action Plan, Orange County, NY: An action plan for the disbursement of CDBG-DR funds in the Orange County, New York to recover from the Irene/Lee flooding.

Project Evaluation

Long-Term Community Recovery Toolbox: Project Development Guide: This guide assists with development of long-term community recovery project descriptions, including collecting and analyzing information about goals, strategies, and expected outcomes of proposed projects.

Long-Term Community Recovery Planning Process Project Value Tool Guide: This guide provides a standardized methodology for determining the recovery value of post-disaster reconstruction projects.

The Community Resilience Economic Guide: This guide produced by NIST provides standard economic methodology for evaluating investment decisions aimed at improving the ability of communities to adapt to, withstand, and quickly recovery from disruptive events.

Measuring Progress in Recovery:  This report provides an excellent introduction on how to integrate recovery plans and establish recovery metrics.