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OpenFEMA Changelog

All notable changes to OpenFEMA will be documented on this page. Each dataset or API release will indicate a release date, changes, and tags indicating the type of change. There may be data set releases that are not related to API version releases. Upcoming, unreleased changes will always appear at the top. Details regarding new features can be found in the OpenFEMA API documentation.

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The OpenFEMA API and its associated services underwent a migration to cloud-based infrastructure on June 20. This change should ultimately result in the faster delivery of data and will allow us to expand functionality in the future.

No changes are required on your part to continue accessing OpenFEMA. We are issuing this notice for situational awareness only.

While extensive testing has been performed to ensure that data delivery and functionality remains unchanged from the previous platform, it is still possible that issues exist. We recommend that you monitor your use of the API and the data it returns. Please notify the OpenFEMA Team at if you notice data discrepancies, changes to feature behavior, or excessive download/access times. 

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If you have suggestions for features or additional data sets, please contact us at


  • API Releases
    • API Framework Release 7.1.0
  • Datasets
    • 2021 National Household Survey Static Files [New]
    • Declaration Denials [New]
    • Emergency Management Performance Grants [Update]
    • FEMA Web Disaster Declarations [Update]
    • Hazard Mitigation Assistance Mitigated Properties Version 3 [Update]
    • Hazard Mitigation Assistance Projects Version 3 [Update]
    • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Disaster Summary Version 2 [Update]
    • Major Contract Actions [New]
    • Public Assistance Grant Award Activities [New]

Releases By Date


  • API Framework Release 7.0.7
    • Fixed $metadata=off not turning off metadata, contains function not working correctly


  • API Framework Release 7.0.6
    • Fixed duplicate loading issue
    • Fixed issue for field holding empty results array in response
    • Setting max cache age to 1 day
  • API Framework Release 7.0.5
    • Extra fields returned in CSV files when only specific fields are requested using the $select parameter
    • Metadata not always populated correctly when parameters use the URL encoded value of %24 instead of "$". Both are acceptable now.
    • Compound criteria being ignored if the "startswith( )" function is used as criteria. 
    • Internal bug fixes and performance changes
  • Platform Migration
  • API Framework Release 7.0.3


  • API Framework Release 6.0.12


  • API Framework Release 6.0.11
  • 2022 FIMA NFIP Reinsurance Placement Information [New]
  • Disaster Declarations Summaries v2 [Update]


  • 2020 NFIRS Annual Public Data [New]


  • Preparedness (Non-Disaster)/Assistance to Firefighter Grants FY 2021 [New]


  • API Framework Release 6.0.10


  • API Framework Release 6.0.9


  • API Framework Release 6.0.5
  • Public Assistance Applicants Program Deliveries [New]


  • A redacted version of NFIP datasets are back online, the cityfield has been redacted and a fix is currently in the works


  • OpenFEMA has a presence on GitHub! Please visit
  • 2020 National Household Survey [New]
  • Access to FimaNfipClaims and FimaNfipPolicies has been temporarily suspended


  • API Framework Release 5.4.2
  • 2013 NFIRS Hazmat Yearly Data [New]
  • Individual Assistance Housing Registrants Large Disasters [Update]
    • This file has been updated to refresh data and to include additional large disasters. Further, the data refresh frequency will now be weekly.
  • The full file download issues for the following very large datasets have been resolved. The updated download links are reflected in the “Full Data” section of the specific dataset webpage as well as in the “distribution” section of the OpenFEMA DataSets metadata endpoint.
    • FimaNfipClaims
    • FimaNfipPolicies
    • IndividualsAndHouseholdsProgramValidRegistrations
    • IndividualAssistanceHousingRegistrantsLargeDisasters


  • FEMA USFA NFIRS Annual Public Data Release [Update]
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan Statuses [Update]


  • API Framework Release 5.3.0
  • Mission Assignments [Update]


  • 2019 National Household Survey [New]
  • 2021 NFIP Reinsurance Placement Information [New]
  • FEMA USFA NFIRS Annual Public Data Release [Update]


  • Emergency Management Performance Grants [Update]
  • FEMA Regions Data Set Version 2  [Update]
  • Preparedness (Non-Disaster)/Assistance to Firefighter Grants FY 2005-2020 [Update]


  • API Framework Release 5.2.6


  • API Framework Release 5.2.5
  • API Framework Release 5.2.4


  • API Framework Release 5.2.2


  • API Framework Release 5.2.0
  • FIMA NFIP Redacted Policies Data Set Version 1  [New]
  • FIMA NFIP Redacted Claims Data Set Version 1  [New]
  • Hazard Mitigation Plan Statuses Data Set Version 1  [New]
  • Housing Assistance – Owners Data Set Version 2  [New]
  • Housing Assistance – Renters Data Set Version 2  [New]
  • Individuals and Households Program Valid Registrations Data Set Version 1  [Update]
  • Registration Intake and Individual Household Program Data Set Version 2  [New]


  • API framework release 5.1.1
  • Hazard Mitigation Assistance Projects by NFIP CRS Communities Data Set Version 1  [New]
  • FEMA Regions Data Set Version 2  [New]
  • FEMA Web Disaster Summaries Data Set Version 1  [Update]
  • IPAWS Archived Alerts Data Set Version 1  [Update]
  • OpenFEMA Data Sets  [Update]
  • OpenFEMA Data Set Fields  [Update]
  • Documentation:
    • OpenFEMA Large Data Guide  [New]
    • API Documentation  [Update]
  • Features:
    • Ability to query against a geo-spatial enabled dataset   [New]
    • Enhanced data set metadata  [Update]
    • Comma-Separated Value support as a data format - Users can now request data to be returned in a CSV format using the $format parameter  [New]
    • JSONA support as a data format - Users can now request data to be returned in a JSONA format using the $format parameter   [New]
    • Query based searches – Users can specify a $filename parameter permitting the download of only the fields and the filter specified  [New]
    • $metadata parameter added to suppress the return of the data set metadata header object  [New]


  • API Framework Release 5.0.0
  • API Framework Release 4.3.0
  • IPAWS Archived Alerts Data Set Version 1  [Update]
  • Features:
    • Array/nested element querying  [New]


  • API Framework Release 4.0.5
  • IPAWS Archived Alerts Data Set Version 1 [New]


  • API framework release 4.0.0


  • API Framework Release 3.4.9
  • API Framework Release 3.4.8
  • API Framework Release 3.4.7
  • 2018 National Household Survey Data Set  [New]
  • Individuals and Households Program Valid Registrations Data Set Version 1  [New]
  • Public Assistance Funded Projects Details Data Set Version 1  [Update]
  • Individuals and Households Program Valid Registrations  [Update]


  • API Framework Release 3.2.5


  • API Framework Release 3.2.4
  • Mission Assignments Data Set Version 1  [New]
  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Disaster Summaries Data Set Version 1  [Updated]
  • Hazard Mitigation Assistance Projects Data Set Version 2  [Updated]
  • Hazard Mitigation Assistance Mitigated Properties Version 2  [Updated]