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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Our Mission

Advancing FEMA’s mission success through excellence in business administrative services.

What We Do

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) manages FEMA facilities; occupational safety, health, and environmental programs; information management; accountable property; and other support services to enable FEMA’s mission success.

Other Office Functions

Accountable Property and Support Services (APSS)

Provides program management for personal property, fleet, transit subsidy, mail, publications, copying, and printing to support FEMA’s mission.


  • Personal Property
  • Mail, Printing, and Graphics
  • Personal Property Policy & Transportation

Environmental, Safety, and Health (ESH)

Provides a safe and healthful work environment for FEMA employees, visitors, and contractors at all FEMA managed facilities and operations. The division is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring an Agency-Wide Safety, Health, and Medical Readiness program to ensure compliance and reduce hazards that may contribute to employee injuries and illnesses. In addition, ESH manages the Disaster Safety Cadre.


  • Sustainability and Environmental Management
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Disaster Safety Operations

Information Management Division (IMD)

Enables FEMA to collect, preserve, manage, and safeguard its records and information assets, while minimizing the Agency’s impact on the privacy of those we serve and with whom we work. IMD operates as a cohesive and effective knowledge-sharing environment committed to providing internal and external customers with excellent service and delivery of disclosable agency documents.


  • Privacy
  • Records Management
  • Disclosure

Installations & Infrastructure Division (I&I)

Provides end-to-end business facility-based solutions and customer service support, including Strategic and Capital Facility Planning, Real Property Asset Management, construction projects, Reimbursable Work Agreements (RWA), Overtime Utilities, repairs and alterations, Real Property Inventory Reporting, lease administration, Occupancy Agreements (Amortization Management), renovation/reconfiguration, preventive maintenance, move services, and energy management.


  • Real Property Management
  • Headquarters & National Capital Region Facilities & Building Management
  • Strategic and Capital Planning

Program Analysis and Evaluation

Develops analytically driven, high-impact products that improve OCAO and FEMA enterprise strategic direction, integration, and decision making; and designs and refines OCAO processes necessary for effective management of the OCAO strategy, planning, and analysis. This enables OCAO to focus on mission readiness and operational capability support; deliver efficient and sustainable operations; and ensure effective services.

Program Areas:

  • Financial Management
  • Program Analysis
  • Human Capital