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About the National Exercise Program

The National Exercise Program (NEP), a four-year cycle of exercises, is the primary national-level mechanism for validating national preparedness. As part of the National Preparedness System, the NEP is a key component in developing a culture of preparedness, empowering communities, and promoting resilience against threats and hazards Americans face.

How to Request Exercise Support

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The 2024 Exercise Support Request Round Process will accept requests from January 4, 2024, through March 1, 2024. Support is tailored to the needs of the jurisdiction and can include assistance with exercise planning, design, scenario development, conduct, and evaluation.

Requests are open to all state, local, tribal and territorial governments but new applicants, especially those from underserved jurisdictions, are urged to apply. There is no associated cost share for selected jurisdictions for this exercise assistance.

If you have questions, please email the program staff and include "Exercise Support Question" in your subject line.

Email the Program

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The National Exercise Division (NED) accepts exercise support requests once each year.

RoundSubmission DeadlineAcceptance Notifications
2024 RoundMarch 1, 2024, 11:59 pm ETJune 30, 2024, 11:59 pm ET

Interested in Learning More? Sign up for an Informational Webinar

National Exercise Program staff recorded a webinar that provides an overview of the exercise support process and includes specifics on how to request support for the 2024 round. You can access the recording on the Preparedness Toolkit webinars page.

How NED Exercise Support Works

  • State, local, tribal, territorial (SLTT) government organizations can submit requests to receive technical assistance and support for exercises at no cost from experienced exercise specialists.
    • Nonprofit, private sector, and federal entities can submit requests on the condition that the support request is co-sponsored by an SLTT government organization.
    • Academic institutions which are state funded can receive support without a co-sponsor.
    • Private academic institutions must be co-sponsored by an SLTT government organization.
  • Support will be tailored to the needs of the sponsor and can include assistance with exercise planning, design, scenario development, conduct, and evaluation in the form of subject-matter expertise, material production, and/or facilitation for selected exercises.​
  • Support is available for exercises that are early in their planning process. This allows jurisdictions to receive support through the entire planning and conduct cycle.​
  • Pre-decisional scoping calls will be held for each support request submitted. During these calls, a NED Exercise Program Manager will review the request form with the sponsor to better understand what support is requested.
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Support is only provided for exercises that have not begun their planning processes.

National Exercise Program staff are available to answer your specific exercise support request questions.

Write to and include “Exercise Support Question” in the subject line. Program staff will be in contact to answer your question and send you an invite to our weekly online office hours.

How to Submit an Exercise Support Request

  1. Download and complete the Exercise Support Request Form: The Exercise Support Request Form is a fillable adobe pdf file that should be saved and completed by a SLTT partner looking to receive support for an exercise.
  2. Coordinate with the appropriate FEMA Regional Exercise Officer (REO): Exercise sponsors should coordinate exercise support request submissions with the appropriate REO prior to submission to ensure that the exercise support request form is complete.
  3. Submit the Exercise Support Request Form: All completed exercise support request forms and supporting materials must be emailed to prior to the submission deadline. The subject line of the email should be “National Exercise Division Exercise Support Request.”
  4. Participate in a Pre-decisional Scoping Call – An Exercise Program Manager will reach out to sponsors to schedule and hold a call in March to coordinate potential form updates or revisions. This call will help to scope the exercise and understand how the exercise support requested is aligned with the eligibility requirements.
    • Note: participating in a pre-decisional scoping call is required to request support but does not guarantee FEMA will support that request.

Candidate Selection Process

The review process for exercise support will be conducted between April - June. This process is a collaborative effort between Region and Headquarters FEMA staff. There will be pre-decisional scoping calls throughout the month of March. An internal review panel will review the Exercise Support Request Form, required documentation, and information from pre-decisional scoping calls.

Senior FEMA Leadership will make the final section decision. FEMA will notify applicants regarding the status of their exercise support request by the end of June.

Eligibility Requirements and Regional Exercise Officers

Please see the following links for eligibility requirements, as well as the list of FEMA Regional Exercise Officers.

Eligibility Requirements

FEMA Regional Exercise Officers