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Intercity Bus Security Grant Program

Funding Totals

NOFOs & Documents

The Intercity Bus Security Grant helps protect surface transportation infrastructure and the traveling public from acts of terrorism and increase the resilience of transit infrastructure. This funding provides owners and operators of intercity bus systems with resources for implementation of the National Preparedness System and works toward the National Preparedness Goal of a secure and resilient nation.

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Recipients seeking guidance on policies and procedures for managing preparedness grants should reference this manual for program-specific information as well as overall guidance on rules and regulations.

Annual Funding Totals

FY 2024

Total funding available for fiscal year 2024: $1.8 million

FY 2023

Total funding available for fiscal year 2023: $2 million

FY 2022

Total funding available for fiscal year 2022: $2 million

FY 2021

Total funding available for fiscal year 2021: $2 million

NOFOs and Ancillary Documents

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Fiscal Year 2024
The FY 2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity is available below, as well as on

Fiscal Year 2021 and Previous Years' NOFOs and Documents