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Flat Stanley Visits FEMA Headquarters and Learns How to Get Prepared

Over the last few days Flat Stanley has been making his way around Washington, DC with a very special chaperone, Administrator Craig Fugate. We’re excited Flat Stanley was able to join Craig in some very important meetings, take a tour of FEMA Headquarters and even learn a lesson on how to be prepared when disasters strike.

Craig and Flat Stanley even took a moment out of their busy schedule to shoot this video to help us get the word out to families and communities about getting prepared for disasters, including severe weather and home fire prevention.

As Flat Stanly learned while visiting, here are four steps that kids and families can take to get prepared:
  1. Know the facts – Talk to your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and learn some simple facts about disasters in your area and also some tips on what to do during an emergency. 
  2. Make a plan – Kids can make their own emergency plan, but we love it when families make plans together. Know where to go if a disaster hits your home or school and how you can get back in touch with one another. 
  3. Build a kit – Don’t forget about the Kids when your family builds their emergency kit – board games, coloring books and puzzles can be great activities for when the power goes out. 
  4. Graduate from Readiness U! – Once you’ve completed the first three steps and learned about being prepared, take an easy quiz to test your preparedness skills – you’ll even get a neat certificate for being ready for an emergency. 

You can also find fun preparedness games and activities like word searches, crossword puzzles, comic strips and more at There are also resources for parents and teachers to help children take an active role in getting prepared.

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06/02/2017 - 09:27