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Natural & Cultural Resources Recovery Support Function

The Natural & Cultural Resources (NCR) RSF coordinates departments and agencies working together to provide information and assistance to communities seeking to preserve, protect, conserve, rehabilitate, recover and restore natural and cultural resources during recovery.

NCR is one of six RSFs, established under the National Disaster Recovery Framework, that support recovery efforts of states, local governments, tribes, and territories (SLTT) before, during and after disasters. The NCR RSF is coordinated by the Department of the Interior (DOI) and consists of a National Coordinator, regional environmental officers assigned to each of the DOI Unified Regions, and a small cadre of reemployed annuitants available to deploy in support of disasters. 

Mission Statement

The NCR RSF integrates federal assets and capabilities to help state and tribal governments and communities address long-term environmental and cultural resource recovery needs after large-scale and catastrophic incidents. NDRF, 2016

Examples of Natural & Cultural Resources (NCR) Support

  • Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning – Identifies and prioritizes gaps and inconsistencies within and between relevant Federal regulations, policies, program requirements and processes affecting natural and cultural resources that are used in disaster recovery, either separately or in combination with one another, and makes recommendations to the National Disaster Recovery Planning Division at FEMA Headquarters and specific federal agencies.
  • Build Awareness and Consideration into Recovery – Engages states, tribes, and territories with partner support to ensure NCR resources are considered and represented in recovery priorities and goals.
  • Data Sharing and Coordination – Coordinate and facilitate the sharing and integration of NCR impact data to help understand recovery needs and support decision making for NCR recovery stakeholders.
  • Technical Assistance and Planning Support - Provides technical assistance to help impacted communities develop recovery planning, assess impacts to NCRs, establish recovery task forces, develop cultural and natural resources protection organization networks, and enhance recovery capability and readiness for future disasters.
  • Promote Sustainable Planning in Recovery - Integrates sustainable planning elements to provide a multi-disciplined effort that include consideration of long-term environmental effects to natural resources, integration of open space/recreational area and sensitive resources, and community well-being.

Coordinating Agency: Department of the Interior (DOI)

Primary Agencies: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/FEMA, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)