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National Mitigation Framework

The National Mitigation Framework describes the benefits of being prepared by understanding risks and what actions can help address those risks.

We cannot control when or where a tornado strikes—but we can save lives and reduce property damage by understanding the risks and taking action to address those risks. In the process, we help our families and increase resilience in our community, environment and economy.

The second edition of the National Mitigation Framework focuses on a culture of preparedness which is centered on risk and resilience. The document provides context for how the whole community works together and how mitigation efforts relate to all other parts of national preparedness.

Focusing on the mitigation aspect of preparedness, the Framework addresses how the nation will develop, deploy, and coordinate mitigation core capabilities to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters.

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Mitigation Framework Leadership Group (MitFLG)

The Mitigation Framework Leadership Group (MitFLG) operates according to the National Mitigation Framework to strengthen the nation’s disaster resilience by expanding mitigation awareness, coordination, and action.

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Learn about Mitigation Framework Leadership Group (MitFLG)'s responsibilities, membership and priorities, including the National Mitigation Investment Strategy.