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National Continuity Programs

On behalf of the White House, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the FEMA Administrator, NCP guides the planning, implementation and assessment of continuity programs that enable federal, state, local, tribal and territorial and (SLTT) governments to continue performance of essential functions and deliver critical services across a broad spectrum of emergencies when normal operations are disrupted.  NCP also ensures that at all times, the President, federal agencies and SLTT governments can provide timely and effective alerts and warnings regarding natural disaster, acts of terrorism and other manmade disasters or threats to public safety.

The development, integration and maintenance of continuity considerations and capabilities is a shared responsibility of the whole community, and helps build a more resilient nation equipped to sustain essential functions, deliver critical services and stabilize community lifelines under all conditions.

About the Directorate

NCP leads national continuity for the whole of government and non-governmental stakeholders through the delivery of services and capabilities to support national resilience. These services include planning, training, assessing and evaluating, and technical assistance, as well as providing innovative equipment, systems and facilities solutions that mitigate impacts of threats to essential functions and ensure government entities’ ability to alert and warn the public. NCP supports those leading our nation’s essential functions by driving the integration of continuity principles and capabilities throughout their vital missions. Read more about the continuity program in the NCP brochure.

The NCP Directorate consists of the Office of the Assistant Administrator, the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center (MWEOC) and six Divisions: Continuity of Implementation Division (CID); Continuity Communications Divisions (CCD); Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS); Continuity Support Division (CSD); Policy, Plans, and Evaluation Division (PPED); and Business Management Division (BMD).


Michael S. George, NCP Assistant Administrator

Daniel Lipka, NCP Deputy Assistant Administrator

Berl D. Jones, Jr., Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center Executive Administrator

Lomax Gaskin, Executive Officer