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NEW!  Become a Rand Fellow!

Each year, one employee from DHS has the opportunity to work and study at the RAND Corporation.  RAND is a leading think tank that approaches the most difficult challenges facing policymakers by conducting rigorous, objective analysis using advanced analytic techniques.  The four objectives of the RAND and DHS partnership are to:  Develop Leadership, Achieve DHS Mission, Build Partnerships with Expert Communities, and Foster Innovation.

Applicants have the choice of completing their Fellowship at the Santa Monica, CA or Washington, DC RAND offices.  Salary, travel costs, lodging and per diem is the responsibility of the applicant’s program office.  The Fellowship is from September 2014 – June 2015.


  • GS-13/14/15 PFT or CORE with at least one year’s experience with the Agency.
  • At least a final Secret clearance
  • Achieved at least a Meets Expectations on their last review
  • Master’s degree preferred

To apply:

Those interested should send a single PDF file no later than noon, Eastern time,  May 1st  to the that contains the following information:

  • Resume (not to exceed five pages)
  • Most Recent SF-50 showing time in grade
  • Verification from OCSO of your Secret clearance
  • Letter of Recommendation by First Line Supervisor
  • Letter of Endorsement by Senior Executive of the Organization
  • Essay 1 (500 words or less) – How will this Fellowship contribute to your career goals?
  • Essay 2 (500 words or less) – How will DHS/FEMA benefit from you participating in the fellowship?

Incomplete applications, late applications or applications sent directly to DHS will not be considered. 

For more information on the RAND Fellowship, visit their website at:

NEW!  Continual Learning Webinar – I’ve Got a Message for Harriet. Should I call her or tweet?

With all the communication going on in today’s environment we’re constantly choosing one medium over another to deliver our messages. Most times we make the right choice and our message gets delivered clearly. Sometimes, however, we make the wrong choice and our message is misunderstood, which can lead to confusion, loss of team productivity, and even worse consequences.

There a simple rule we can apply to help us choose an appropriate medium for our messages. But to understand the rule we need to understand how media differ from each other in terms of their richness. And we have to be able to recognize the presence of ambiguity in the messages we need to deliver. We’ll explore all these ideas in this learning session. As a result, you’ll be able to apply the rule of richness and ambiguity to help you and your project teams communicate more clearly and productively.

This webinar is open to all employees.  Supervisors will earn two hours credit towards their continual learning requirements.

February 20th, 10 – 11:30a Eastern Time

Email to register for this webinar.

Rotational Assignment Opportunities:

Rotational Assignments are great ways to build proficiency in technical and leader competencies, while learning about other organizations.    To learn more about rotations, visit the Internal Rotations Program Page  or email  Employees can apply for rotations and supervisors can post rotational assignment opportunities directly on that site.  We are currently seeking rotational assignments – please take some time to post a rotational assignment! 

Join the FEMA Leader Development Book Club!

Expand how you learn – join the FEMA Leader Development Book Club!  The Book Club features a new book each month – and there are multiple ways you can participate!

  • Sponsor a Book Club in Your Organization – Sign up at least five members and have a local discussion!  We will provide all Book Club sponsors with the materials you need for your discussion. 
  • Join the At-Large Book Club – Don’t have enough participants for a club in your organization?  Then join the At-Large Club!  Participants will read the book and participate in an online discussion! 
  • Read a Book on Your Own – Don’t want to join in on a discussion?  You can choose any selection from the FEMA Leadership Library and send in a short summary of 2-3 key takeaways – and you will earn credit for reading the book!

Some of the books we select are available for free through Books 24x7 in FEKC – and you can access them from outside the firewall on your personal computer or tablet – plus you can make PDF copies of up to eight chapters per month!  To access the book, you will need to ensure your Java settings are up-to-date.  Contact the FEMA Enterprise Service Desk for additional information.

The Book Club is open to all PFT, TFT and CORE employees.  Earn leader development continual learning credit for participating!  Employees will earn 5 hours of continual learning by reading the book, plus an extra hour for participating in the discussion.  Supervisors who host a book discussion will earn three hours of give-back credit!

Visit Leadership Toolbox on the Leader Development intranet site for information on the Book of the Month.

Monthly Webinar Schedule:

All webinars start at 2pm Eastern Time.  Make sure you login at least five minutes prior to the session start.  You may need to download a plug-in and the system may generate a pop-up asking if you would like to continue.  If the system seems hung up, minimize the window and look for the pop-up.  Be sure to enter your full name so that you receive credit for attending.  You must be present for the entire webinar in order to receive credit.

1st Wednesday – Continual Learning and Giveback Requirements for Supervisors. Learn how you can meet the 12 hours of continual learning and 12 hours of give-back required by all supervisors each year!  To join the webinar, login to Adobe Connect as Guest using this link:

2nd Wednesday – Leader Development.  Features the leadership competency of the month.  Webinars will feature Leader Forums and short presentations.  To join the webinar, login to Adobe Connect as a Guest using this link:

3rd Wednesday – HR Liaisons.  This webinar is specifically designed as a continual learning activity for individuals performing the role of HR Liaison.  If you are an HR Liaison, please contact for registration information.

4th Wednesday – Virtual Employee Development Fair.  Learn about the current learning and development opportunities open to employees.  To join the Virtual Employee Development Fair, simply sign-on as a Guest to the Adobe Connect session at

4th Thursday – FEMA Book Club.  Join the online discussion for the Book of the Month.  To join the FEMA Book Club, please email

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