Lincroft JFO Comptroller Gets Visit from Bicyclist Son and His Dog, Bixby

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By Eileen Moon, External Affairs, Lincroft JFO (DR-4086-NJ)

FEMA reservist Myrna Robinson had a special visitor at the JFO in Lincroft, N.J., on Oct. 25 when her son, Mike Minnick, and his dog, Bixby, stopped by to say hello.

Minnick, who lives in Austin, Texas, has been traveling around the country on a cargo bike with his dog since last May.

So far, their adventure has taken them from Galveston, Texas, where the first leg of their trip began, to a family reunion in Texarkana, Ark. He began the second leg of his adventure peddling south from Lubec, Maine, the easternmost town in the U.S.

After biking into Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge, Minnick and Bixby caught a commuter ferry to New Jersey to say hello to his mom, the comptroller at the Lincroft JFO. Working for FEMA requires her to be away from family a lot, Myrna Robinson said. So having her son pay a visit was a welcome surprise.

Minnick and Bixby spent a couple of days with Robinson before embarking on the next leg of their journey, peddling from New Jersey to Key West, Fla., the southernmost point in the United States. Robinson keeps track of her son’s progress via his Facebook page, “Where’s Bixby.” A website by the same name is under construction.

The pair make friends wherever they go, Robinson said, and people often treat them to a meal or put them up for a night or two. People love to meet Bixby and ask about their travels, Minnick said.  Robinson’s co-workers at the Lincroft JFO have also taken an interest in his adventure, she said. “He has quite a few FEMA people following him.”

He plans to end his bicycling adventure in San Francisco sometime next year.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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