Annual ethics training due for all FEMA employees on last day of 2013

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ALL FEMA Employees must complete annual ethics training by December 31, 2013. Register and complete the course on-line on the FEMA Employee Knowledge Center (FEKC). Exceptions are for those who have already completed IS-33, Introduction to Ethics, in 2013, or attended a live ethics training conducted by either the FEMA or DHS Ethics Office. 

To get credit for taking this FEKC annual ethics training on-line after viewing the video, you MUST go to the FEKC Transcript Page and pull up your transcript and use the drop down menu under “Action” to mark the Annual Training Course “completed”.  If you do not do this extra step you will not receive credit for taking the FEKC on-line Annual Ethics course.    If you have forgotten your FEKC Log-In and/or Password, please use the Help Links at the bottom of the FEKC log-in page:

In order for the FEMA Ethics staff to be able to track who has completed the  CY 2013 FEKC on-line Annual Ethics course for required DHS and U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) mandatory reports, you should register for the CY 2013 Annual Ethics Training Course version for Public (OGE Form 278)  filers (PAS/SES/Schedule C), or the version for Confidential Financial Disclosure (OGE 450) filers, or the version for non-financial disclosure form filer employees (everyone else at FEMA), which is applicable to you. 

OGE regulations require all FEMA financial disclosure filers to take annual ethic training, and FEMA policy requires that all FEMA employees should take annual ethics training each calendar year, after their initial year of FEMA employment.  If your section would like FEMA Ethics staff to provide live annual ethics training in lieu of the video, please so notify the FEMA Ethics Office at 202-646-3664/4025 or or  to arrange for such live presentations, subject to staff availability.


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