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This page provides information related to the National Mass Evacuation System. Topics covered include eligibility and information about the three different support tools.



To meet the responsibility of supporting State mass care evacuation operations, FEMA, through the ESF #6 Mass Care/Emergency Assistance Unit, has created the National Mass Evacuation Tracking Systems (NMETS).  NMETS is composed of manual and computer-bases systems and is designed to assist States in tracking the movement of transportation-assisted evacuees, their pets/service animals, luggage and medical equipment during evacuations. 


Sections 501, 503 and 512 of the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006


All States who request State-specific evacuation requirements


The system includes three distinct tools that can operate independently or be used in combination to support multi-State, State-managed, or local level evacuation operations.  The software and basic training are free to States.  Equipment and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the State

Paper-based Evacuation Support Tool (PBEST):

Offers a stand-alone system for States that choose not to adopt a technical solution either as result of cost considerations or infrequency of evacuation events

  • Serves as back up to existing technical systems when power or system operations fail
  • Inexpensive to produce, easy to manage
  • PBEST test kit can support 5,000 evacuees that can be deployed, if requested

Low-Tech Evacuation Support Tool (LT):

  • Designed to assist States that want a low-cost technical solution
  • Can be deployed on laptops in the field
  • Can be used alongside PBEST when enrollment demands exceed staffing or laptop capability
  • Development of the database has been completed

Advanced Technology Evacuation Support Tool (AT):

  • Designed to support multi-State, single-State, or local evacuation operations
  • Tracks the movement of transportation-assisted evacuees through all phases of an evacuation by use of the Internet, hand-held scanners, laptop computers, tethered USB scanners and/or RFID readers
  • Is adaptable to meet State-specific evacuation requirements 
  • Development of the database has been completed
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