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Hurricane Katrina: A Decade of Progress through Partnerships in Mississippi

Recovery after one of the most devastating storms in history took resilience, cooperation, and innovation. Here are some of the many ways the people of Mississippi, the state, and FEMA worked together to come back stronger than ever.

Rebuilding Stronger

Biloxi Lighthouse, 1050 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, Mississippi.
Biloxi’s famous lighthouse, battered by Katrina, became a symbol of the Gulf Coast’s strength in building back better. Download Original

In the decade since hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, Mississippi has made remarkable progress in its recovery. Cities and counties are stronger and more resilient than ever before. Neighborhoods and schools are being revitalized. Tens of thousands of displaced residents now have a safe place to call home. This page highlights the federal recovery work and financial assistance provided in Missisippi as FEMA reflects on a decade of progress through partnerships.

It has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina left widespread destruction along the Mississippi Coast. In less than 24 hours, more than 234,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and the Federal Emergency Management Agency faced the largest housing mission in its history.  More than one million people – a third of the state’s population – were affected by the storm.In the last decade, nearly $1.3 billion of FEMA assistance helped Katrina survivors repair and rebuild their homes and find a temporary place to live.

Another $3.1 billion was spent cleaning up massive amounts of debris, repairing schools, hospitals, roads, historic buildings and beaches. Other improvements can be seen in new statewide emergency safe rooms to protect the public and first responders.

Now, with the Hurricane Katrina recovery mission nearly completed, Mississippi’s new and rebuilt infrastructure will be less vulnerable to future storms than in 2005.   

Mississippi Katrina Recovery By the Numbers

Graphic containing Mississippi recovery numbers. Nearly $1.3 billion Individual Assistance provided to survivors. Nearly 274,000 survivors assisted with housing and other needs. $3.1 billion Public Assistance obligations to the state. $314.7 million Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding obligated for projects. 100 percent paid by FEMA of the cost share for Public Assistance and up to 100 percent for Hazard Mitigation projects. $2.6 billion U.S. Small business Administration low-interest disaster loans to survivors and businesses. $2.5 billion total National Flood Insurance Program payments to policyholders. 82 counties and Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians have approved Hazard Mitigation plans.

More Information on Mississippi's Katrina Recovery

Download our fact sheets for more information on FEMA funding statewide and in the most heavily affected Mississippi counties.

Image of Louisiana Katrina Recovery Fact Sheets

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