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ICYMI -- FEMA Participates in Annual Atlantic Hurricane Awareness Tour, Joins Officials Across the Biden-Harris Administration to Urge Preparedness Ahead of Hurricane Season

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Release Date:
May 10, 2024

WASHINGTON -- This week, FEMA leaders participated in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) annual Hurricane Awareness Tour in Maine, New York, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida. Representatives from all levels of government joined community partners to showcase the coordinated approach to hurricane readiness and response, while urging the public to prepare now.  

“Collaboration and proactive measures at all levels are paramount to safeguarding our communities and minimizing the impact of hurricanes,” said FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell. “We value our partnerships with NOAA and at-risk communities as we spread awareness about the potential impacts from hurricanes and how communities can prepare. Together, we stand ready to mitigate risks, protect lives and build stronger, more resilient communities.”

As part of the tour stop in Albany, FEMA Associate Administrator for the Office of Response and Recovery Anne Bink spoke on the importance of preparedness ahead of hurricane season. 

“With just under a month before the official start of hurricane season, the time to prepare is now,” said FEMA Associate Administrator Anne Bink. “No one is immune from disasters. We’ve seen the reaching impacts of hurricanes throughout coastal communities and inland areas. Readiness starts at home, so I encourage everyone to be in the know, understand your unique risks, make a plan and help friends and neighbors do the same.”

At each stop, the public met FEMA and NOAA hurricane experts, scientists and crew members. Attendees had the unique opportunity to tour aircrafts that help forecasters keep us safe -- NOAA’s WP-3D and the U.S. Air Force Reserve WC-130J “Hurricane Hunter.”

PORTLAND, Maine -- FEMA Region 1 Administrator Lori Ehrlich (right) meets with the Hurricane Hunters team aboard aircraft during tour. (FEMA photo)
ALBANY, N.Y. -- Students gather during the Hurricane Awareness Tour to learn about the U.S. Air Force Reserve WC-130J “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft that helps collect data and enables meteorologists to make more accurate predictions during hurricanes. (FEMA photo)   


NORFOLK, Va. -- FEMA Region 3 Administrator MaryAnn Tierney addresses media during Hurricane Awareness Tour at Norfolk International Airport. (FEMA photo)


NORFOLK, Va. -- NOAA Flight Director Kerri Englert explains how a dropsonde (in the Director's hands) is dropped from the aircraft over water during a hurricane to measure storm conditions. (FEMA photo)
FEMA Region 4 Administrator Robert Samaan (center) stands in front of the U.S. Air Force Reserve WC-130J Super Hercules and the WP-3D Orion aircrafts with hurricane experts from NOAA and local emergency managers during the Hurricane Awareness Tour stop. (FEMA photo)