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Amira Seay

Amira Seay
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 6 - Texas

Amira is 12th grade student from Texas returning for her second year on the YPC. Her dedication to preparedness stems from witnessing the community-wide impacts of Winter Storm Uri, the worst disaster to hit Texas in decades, which left millions without power and water for a week. Amira saw firsthand the difference that preparedness can have on a community before, during, and after an emergency.

During her first year on the YPC, Amira helped lead a project to spotlight emergency management careers through a series of blog posts that featured interviews with people in this field. She hopes her second year on the YPC gives her an opportunity to explore her interest in expanding shelter to people affected by disasters by working with her fellow YPC members and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to better understand these needs. Her goals on the YPC are to prepare multiple generations for disasters and build safer communities by expanding preparedness training and resources. Amira plans to pursue building design in college and wants to better understand the role of chemicals and pollution -safety planning in preparedness.

Outside of the YPC, Amira is actively involved in community preparedness activities. Most of her work centers around local communities and targets marginalized communities where preparedness activities and resources are lacking. Her main areas of focus are safety and knowledge, and she believes that preparedness should create opportunities for people to succeed where others have fallen. Amira created an online tutoring program called “Saturday Sessions with Amira” to teach children about preparedness from the safety of their homes. Her interest in preparedness even extends to her love of watching sci-fi television — and then pointing out what the characters could have done better to prepare for and avert disasters.