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Guam Local-Level Referrals

When a disaster occurs, local governments often work together with community leaders and organizations to provide on-the-ground emergency management. You may also reference our national-level referrals list.

Please contact us with questions or corrections.

For reference, the local resources we list provide disaster recovery services in the categories noted below.

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For reference, see the full list of disaster recovery service categories covered in the below local resource list.

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Guam Local-Level Referrals

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CategoryEntityType of AssistanceTelephone Number
Access and Functional Needs and DisabilitiesDepartment of Integrated Services for Individuals with DisabilitiesDepartment of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID) as the single point of entry agency that provides, promotes and ensures a full continuum of lifelong programs and services that allows for independence, productivity and inclusion of people with disabilities into the community.671-475-4624
TTY: 671-477-9183
Access and Functional Needs and DisabilitiesGuma' MamiProvides support and services to adults with intellectual/cognitive disabilities and adults with psychiatric disabilities and their families.  These services and supports include but is not limited to residential/housing supports, leisure and recreational activities, pre-employment supports, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, support groups for women with disabilities who have experienced or witnessed violence, Learning Opportunity’s, community education and advocacy. 671-477-1505
Access and Functional Needs and DisabilitiesGuam System for Assistive TechnologyAssistive technology services directly assists an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device.”671-735-2490
TTY: 671-735-2491
Access and Functional Needs and DisabilitiesGuam Regional Transit:  ParatransitParatransit service is provided to ADA Eligible Certified passengers. Certification required, and reservations.671-475-4686 or 671-475-4616
Access and Functional Needs and DisabilitiesGuam Get CareCaregiver resources, long term care options, application forms, needs assessment, and resources.Counselor:  671-475-4646
Online locator available
Online needs assessment available
Access and Functional Needs and DisabilitiesKaridat-Catholic CharitiesTwenty-four (24) hour residential placement and support services program for adults with significant disabilities. Referral only from Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center.671-647-5411/671-635-1442
671-635-1407 = Program Manager
Access and Functional Needs and Disabilities711 Relay Service711 Relay is available in Guam.  Telecommunications Relay Services permit persons with a hearing or speech disability to use the telephone system via a text telephone (TTY) or other device to call persons with or without such disabilities.711
Aging ServicesGuam Department of Public Health & Social Services: Division of Senior Citizens GuamForms and documents including application for public benefits.671-735-7415
Aging ServicesGuam Get Care:  Senior CentersSenior centers often can provide information and referrals to individuals seeking help with taxes, health, housing, and other concerns. Some senior centers provide transportation to and from the site.  Caregiver resources, long term care options, application forms, needs assessment, and resources.Counselor:  671-475-4646
Online locator available   
Online needs assessment available
Agricultural AidDepartment of Agriculture’s Division of Aquatic & Wildlife ResourcesLaw enforcement, animal health, plant inspection, plant nurserys, consumer marketing and farm services, equipment and maintenance, wildlife resources, fisheries, fire protection, forest health management, urban forestry, animal health, and animal control.671-300-7965
Agricultural AidAbout Us | DAWR ( Veterinarian;  animal health, import to U.S., entry requirements, state requirements.671-300-7965
Animals/PetsGuam Animals in NeedCare of animals on Guam, compassionate advocacy, expert education, and strong community connections.  3 day shelter hold.671-653-4246 
Consumer ServicesGuam Office of the Attorney General:  Consumer Enforces local laws against false, misleading and deceptive practices that are injurious to consumers, while safeguarding, educating and protecting the consumers of Guam through public and community outreaches.   A consumer complaint form should be filled out and can be obtained from the front desk of the Office of the Attorney General.671-475-3324
ContractorsGuam Department of Public Works:  One Stop Licensing Guam has a one stop licensing location for building, permitting, and contractor licensing board.671-646-3104
Crisis CounselingGuam Behavioral Health and Wellness CenterChild Adolescent Services, Day treatment, Drug and Alcohol treatment, residential services, community support services, counseling, etcEmergency:  911
General: 671-647-5440
Crisis Hotline: 671-647-8833
Rape Crisis Intervention:
Crisis CounselingSanctuary  Community-based organization which exists to improve the quality of life for Guam’s youth to promote reconciliation during times of family conflicts, to foster the development of responsible community members, and to advocate for their needs in an effort to preserve family unity by providing: 24-hour crisis intervention services, temporary safe refuge during family conflicts and abuse, supportive counseling for youth and families, outreach, education and prevention programs.Emergency: 911
Main:  671-475-7101
24/7 Crisis Hotline: 671-475-7100
Crisis CounselingCatholic Social Services: Alee Women’s Shelter The Alee Women’s Shelter provides emergency/protective shelter for victims of family domestic violence & sexual assault.  The shelter serves women, with or without, children, who are in crisis from family domestic violence & sexual assault.  Provides protective shelter, support services, & referralsEmergency: 911
Shelter Hotline: 671-648-4673
Disaster Specific  InformationTBD  
Disaster Unemployment AssistanceGuam Department of LaborThe American Job Center (AJC) is Guam's central facility for employment, training, and related services. 671-475-7000
EnvironmentGuam Environmental ProtectionTerritory-wide program to protect the quality of land, water and air by any pollutants, including all physical, chemical and biological agents671-300-4751 or  671-300-4752
Online Violation Report
Essential NeedsDivision of Public Welfare | DPHSS ( for public benefits such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, Temporary Cash, Medically Indigent Program671-635-7439 // 671-300-7330
Essential NeedsGuam Department of Labor: Adult ProgramServices such as training, referrals, child care assistance during training, transportation allowance, uniform allowance, needs related payments, training tools, counseling. 671-300-4572
Essential NeedsCatholic Social ServicesSupport services including a food pantry and thrift store671-635-1442
Essential NeedsPacific Region ResourcesThe Guam Community Resource Directory is a listing of faith-based organizations, non-profit service providers, and other government and private agencies serving the island community.Online resource directory
Family & Protective ServicesGuam Department of Public Health & Social Services | USDA-FNSGeneral Nutrition Services, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, preventative health & Breastfeeding Peer counselors Program671-475-0300 // 671-475-0288
Family & Protective ServicesGuam Department of Public Health & Social Services | USDA-FNSIndividuals concerned with possible elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation.  Crisis Intervention Hotline provides protective services for adults.671-735-7382
Financial AssistanceBureau of Economic Security | DPHSS ( Financial Assistance, application for public benefits, cash assistance.671-828-7542 / 671-635-7432
Health Care ServicesBureau of Primary Care Services | DPHSS ( and welfare resources, forms and documents, community health centers and support services for the low income, uninsured, and medically underserved population.671-828-7501 // 671-635-7492/7447
Financial AssistanceU.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Customer Service Center (SBA)Low interest mortgages, personal property, and economic injury loans are available to homeowners, renters, and business owners affected by the disaster.800-659-2955 TTY: 800-877-8339
Health Care ServicesBureau of Primary Care Services | DPHSS ( Assistance Program, Medically Indigent Program, Claims intake, Prior Authorization, & Off Island referrals, 671-735-7270
HousingGuam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA)Housing Programs:  (HUD) Public Housing, Section 8, Guma Trankilidat (low income; elderly and persons with disability). Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program.671-477-9851
TTY: 671-472-3701
HousingCatholic Social ServicesProtective shelters & temporary housing assistance for homeless adults with disabilities, 671-635-1442
HousingHabitat for Humanity of GuamHomeownership opportunity to low-income families in need671-647-4667
InsuranceGuam Department of Revenue and Taxation: RegulatoryInformation about taxes in Guam for individuals and businesses.671-633-2643
Legal ServicesGuam Legal ServicesLegal issues including Family law, Senior law, Health, Housing, Public Benefits, & Disability.  Online Legal Aid directory.671-477-9811/9812
Legal ServicesGuam Bar Association Legal resources including "Lawyer Referral Service" and "Law Firm" listing.671-989-4227
StudentsAyuda Foundation: Island Girl PowerEducation and training, skill building, mentoring, decision making, personal health and safety, conflict resolution, etc.671-473-3003
StudentsGuam Department of Labor:  Youth ProgramEligible youth support with work experience activities, occupational skill training, limited internship, classroom training, support services.671-300-4572
Tax PreparationGuam Department of Revenue and TaxationTax information for business and individuals, tax amnesty, forms and publications.Income Tax:  671-635-1840
Property Tax:   671-635-1768
Online services available    
Veterans ServicesGuam Veterans AffairsVeterans’ affairs programs in the Territory; counseling, home/hospital visits, health services, burial benefits, information and advisory services.671-475-8388
Vital StatisticsDivision of Public Health | DPHSS ( documents for those on and off the island; birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, adoptions, & affidavits such as the "Affidavit of Foreign Birth" 671-300-9263
Vital StatisticsGuam Department of Revenue and Taxation: RegulatoryPassport & Motor Vehicle ServicesPassport: 671-635-8974
Drivers License:671-635-7651
Vehicle Registration:671-635-1886
VolunteerAyuda Foundation: Island Girl PowerVolunteer time, supplies, snacks, mentor, assist with fundraising, donate funds, sponsored events or programs.  Online volunteer registration
VolunteerHabitat for Humanity of GuamVolunteer skills, time, funds, building supplies & help fundraise.671-647-4667

Referrals Last Updated: May 2024