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New Applying Transportation Service Providers

New Applicant Requirements:

  • Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) that have never applied to be a FEMA Approved Carrier.
  • Transportation Service Providers that were a FEMA Approved Carrier but were not re-approved for the 2021 Program Year (May 1, 2021-April 30, 2022).
  • Transportation Service Providers that may have attempted to onboard in previous program years but did not receive FEMA Approval.
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Onboarding for the 2022 FEMA Tender of Service Program Year is now CLOSED.

FEMA Approval Steps 1-4

1. Carefully Read the Guidelines

2. Verify on

Visit the System for Award Management (SAM) to verify that your company’s registration is current and active.

3. Submit a Completed User Request Form

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Complete the Logistics Supply Chain Management System User Request Form. Email in PDF format. Please make sure both pages of the request form are signed.

Once the form is reviewed and accepted, FEMA will create your LSCMS-C carrier account on your behalf. FEMA will then email you your username and password for access to FEMA’s Logistics Gateway to upload the required onboarding documents. Do not share your username and password with anyone.

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The User Request form is the ONLY document you will be submitting through email. Please do not submit your onboarding documents through email

4. Upload the Required Documents

To learn how to upload the required onboarding documents to your LSCMS-C account, please to download the Carrier Document Upload Reference Guide and review the instructions on how to use FEMA’s Carrier Document Management application within LSCMS-C.

When you are ready, upload PDF copies of the following documents to FEMA’s Carrier Document Management in LSCMS-C:

  1. Signed and dated 2022 FEMA Transportation Service Provider (TSP) Agreement.
  2. Valid cargo insurance of at least $300,000 (NO EXCEPTIONS) and the covered modes of transportation (this should reflect the modes selected on your LSCMS-C user request form). The cargo insurance must be presented on an ACORD FORM.
  3. A copy of the TSP’s current SCAC Assignment letter issued by the NMFTA
  4. If you select to provide Transportable Temporary Housing Unit (TTHU) services: A one-page document demonstrating a minimum of 1-year experience moving TTHUs. Please specify the quantity moved, sizes of TTHUs, and equipment used.

Please refer back to the FEMA Tender of Service for more details regarding each of the required documents.

View Forms & Documents

This will complete the onboarding steps for approval from FEMA.

Once a the FEMA Transportations Programs team has review the TSPs application and determined the Transportation Service Provider has met all requirements of the FEMA Tender of Service Program, a member of the Transportation Programs team will email the Transportation Service Provider to notify them that they have been approved for participation in the FEMA Tender of Service Program. You will then be able to complete the After-Approval steps.

Additional Information

Visit the Additional Information page for answers on the most frequently asked questions about the FEMA Tender of Service Program.