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Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program

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Flood Mitigation Assistance is a competitive grant program that provides funding to states, local communities, federally recognized tribes and territories. Funds can be used for projects that reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive flood damage to buildings insured by the National Flood Insurance Program.

FEMA chooses recipients based on the applicant’s ranking of the project and the eligibility and cost-effectiveness of the project.

FEMA requires state, local, tribal and territorial governments to develop and adopt hazard mitigation plans as a condition for receiving certain types of non-emergency disaster assistance, including funding for hazard mitigation assistance projects. For more information, refer to the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guidance.

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Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Fiscal Year 2022 BRIC and FMA Initial Selections

FEMA announced the initial project selections for further review for FY22 Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) and Flood Mitigation Assistance grant funding.

FEMA selected 58 subapplications totaling more than $23.8 million across 18 states and the District of Columbia.

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Fiscal Year 2022 Funding Summaries

In April, FEMA published an overall summary about the subapplications submitted for the fiscal year 2022 two annual grant programs.

For fiscal year 2022, FEMA made a total of $800 million available for the Flood Mitigation Assistance program. At the close of the application period in late-January 2023, FEMA received 270 subapplications totaling nearly $980 million from 29 states, territories, and the District of Columbia.

Learn more about these submissions for the FMA and Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) grant programs. 

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Previously selected subapplications for the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program are available here.

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Learn about: available funding; who can apply; what types of activities can be funded; and what to expect when you apply.

Understand your application status, the appeal process and how to manage your award.

Get important application dates. Find resources to navigate FEMA GO. Learn what must be included in applications.

Learn more about FEMA’s disaster initiative that distributes funding in alignment with the survivor experience.

Program Support Materials

See our Resource List for Flood Mitigation Assistance. Use these resources to understand project requirements and types, how area maps are created, and more.

The Mitigation Action Portfolio provides details and examples of the types of activities that may be funded. Download this template to submit your own project to the portfolio.

Nature-Based Solutions: A Guide for Local Communities (2021) lays out the business case for nature-based solutions. It also offers advice for planning and carrying them out.

Managing Your Grant

FEMA Grants Outcome (FEMA GO)

For grants issued in FY 2020 and later, please use the FEMA GO system, which is now the management system for FEMA pre-disaster mitigation grants.

FMA grants are managed using the FEMA GO Portal. Visit FEMA GO Templates and Resources to learn more.

eGrants System

For grants issued in FY 2019 or earlier, please use the Mitigation eGrants system to manage your existing grant. You can visit the Mitigation eGrants Resource Collection for reference guides, frequently asked questions and job aids to help manage your existing grant.

For assistance with the eGrants system, send an email or call (855) 228-3362.

Additional Resources

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Find resources to support project scoping, community flood mitigation projects, geospatial file requirements and more.

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See videos, slide decks and other materials from the 2022 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Summer Engagement Series.  This provides technical information, best practices, tools and resources for the HMA grant programs.

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On Aug. 1, 2022, FEMA published the summary of applications and subapplications received for the 2021 Hazard Mitigation Assistance annual non-disaster grant cycle. For this FMA grant cycle, $160 million was available. FEMA received requests for $534 million in applications.

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Read this fact sheet to learn about other programs available under Hazard Mitigation Assistance.

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