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Participation in the NFIP

Participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is voluntary. To join, the community must:

  1. Complete an application;
  2. Adopt a resolution of intent to participate and cooperate with FEMA;
  3. Adopt and submit a floodplain management ordinance that meets or exceeds the minimum NFIP criteria. The floodplain management ordinance must also adopt any FIRM or FHBM for the community.

Within participating communities, the Federal government makes flood insurance available throughout the community.

States are encouraged to insure and regulate state-owned properties under the NFIP.

A community that does not join the NFIP after being identified for one year as floodprone, has withdrawn from the program, or is suspended from it, faces the following sanctions:

  1. No resident will be able to purchase a flood insurance policy.
  2. Existing flood insurance policies will not be renewed.
  3. No Federal grants or loans for development may be made in identified flood hazard areas under programs administered by Federal agencies such as HUD, EPA, and SBA;
  4. No Federal disaster assistance may be provided to repair insurable buildings located in identified flood hazard areas for damage caused by a flood.
  5. No Federal mortgage insurance or loan guarantees may be provided in identified flood hazard areas. this includes policies written by FHA, VA, and others.
  6. Federally insured or regulated lending institutions, such as banks and credit unions, must notify applicants seeking loans for insurable buildings in flood hazard areas that there is a flood hazard and that the property is not eligible for Federal disaster relief.

National Flood Insurance Program Requirements

  • 59.22 - Enrollment Procedures
  • 60 - Criteria for land management and use
  • 60.1 - General Requirements
  • 60.2 - Compliance with Floodplain Management Criteria
  • 60.3 - Floodplain Management Criteria