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Organizing and Coordinating Among Local Government and Stakeholders

Guides, Reports and Tools

Effective Coordination of Recovery Resources for State, Tribal, Territorial and Local Incidents: This guide highlights the critical tasks and coordination challenges that state, tribal, territorial or local governments address when managing recovery.

Local Disaster Recovery Staffing Guide: LMI research institute produced this guide to help local officials and community leaders identify and fill human resource shortages associated with a disaster recovery operation.

Model Pre-Event Recovery Ordinance: (Found towards the bottom of this link, between ‘Disaster Recovery Programs’ and ‘Case Studies’) The adoption of a Recovery Ordinance, created either before or after a disaster, can greatly help local governments manage their long-term recovery effort. Recovery Ordinance’s bestow local governments with additional, temporary powers that are needed to govern effectively during the unique operating window that follows major disasters.

Resource Center: This website provides guidance for organizing a long-term recovery group, and management of volunteers and donations.

Disaster Recovery: A Local Government Responsibility - This article addresses municipal government's role in disaster recovery, covering each step in the four-step emergency management cycle.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies for Participatory Mapping:  This publication provides strategies for facilitators leading a participatory mapping process.

Case Studies

City of Cedar Rapids Neighborhood Planning Process: Executive Summary - Provides a framework for the city’s neighborhood planning process, the plan's purpose, and presents the city's vision.