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Public Assistance Appeals Database

The Appeals Database is an online, searchable database containing FEMA responses to applicant appeals for assistance.

Codes and Standards – Environmental and Historic Preservation Compliance

Applicant: Kershaw (County)
Category: Codes and Standards, Environmental and Historic Preservation Compliance

Private Nonprofit, Private Property Debris Removal

Applicant: The Ethician Foundation
Category: Private Non-Profit, Private Property Debris Removal

Time Limitations/Extensions – Private Nonprofit

Applicant: McLeod Health
Category: Time Limitations/Extensions, Private Non-Profit

Direct Administrative Costs & Management Costs – Appeals

Applicant: Memorial Hermann Hospital System
Category: Direct Administrative Costs & Management Costs, Appeals

Project Documentation and Closeout – Snow Assistance

Applicant: Oneida (County)
Category: Project Documentation and Closeout, Snow Assistance


Applicant: Dorchester County Disabilities & Special Needs
Category: Appeals

Change in Scope of Work – Improved Project – Codes and Standards

Applicant: Columbia
Category: Change in Scope of Work, Improved Project, Codes and Standards

Result of Declared Incident

Applicant: Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Category: Result of Declared Incident

Time Limitations/Extensions – Request for Public Assistance

Applicant: North Miami Beach Medical Center
Category: Time Limitations/Extensions, Request for Public Assistance

Appeals – Net Small Project Overrun

Applicant: Pittsylvania (County)
Category: Appeals, Net Small Project Overrun