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How to Participate

This section offers recommendations on how businesses or organizations could participate in the PS-PrepTM Program.  It discusses how a business or organization should begin the process, and the first steps toward preparedness.  Hyperlinks to the Program standards are also provided.

Hyperlinks to non-FEMA websites are provided for the user's convenience and do not represent an endorsement by FEMA of any commercial or private sector issues, products, or services.  Please note that the privacy policies of the linked sites may differ from that of FEMA.  Also, realize that when clicking on these links, you will be exiting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) web site.

Where to Start

While preparedness is an ongoing process of making improvements and evolving preparedness plans over time, it is this ongoing process that enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your business or organization and its own internal structures and vital procedures, essential supply chain links, and what it takes for you to sustain your daily operations after a disruptive event.  You can start with learning best practices and incorporating processes that consider these critical operations. This could include protecting client data, establishing alternative methods of communication and routinely evaluating insurance policies and coverage. Depending on the goals of your business or organization, you may want to continue to prepare through a third-party certification.

First Steps to Preparedness

  • Evaluate the critical areas of your firm (clients, staff, data files, facilities) and assess what the impacts to those areas would be if disrupted by a range of hazards (i.e.. natural disaster, terrorist attack, flood, fire).

  • Take a candid look at procedures/best practices you have in place for handling those potential impacts.

  • Consider your business or organization's missions, internal resources and departments and choose a path best suited to your goals -- best practices, preparing to a standard, or third party certification.

  • Assess how your business or organization's internal practices align with your chosen route of preparedness.

  • Develop a plan to continually maintain and strengthen the business or organization's state of preparedness.

Links to Standards

Please Note: When clicking these links, you will be exiting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) web site.

Links to Other Opportunities

Other opportunities to assess your business or organization's preparedness will be available through various sources, including FEMA's National Protection and Programs Directorate and the DHS Private Sector Office. These web sites provide information on components such as the Office of Infrastructure Protection, Office of Cybersecurity Communications, and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.  Interested parties are encouraged to monitor these web pages for program updates.

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