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How to Find Other Federal, Regional, State and Local Resources

For thirty years, the federal government has used the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) to protect Americans from dam failure. The NDSP is a partnership of the states, federal agencies, and other stakeholders that encourages individual and community responsibility for dam safety. There are many other federal programs that focus on dam safety, as well as state dam safety programs. States are engaged in dam safety and dictate important rules and regulations dam owners should be aware of. State dam safety programs are a key source of information for dam owners.

How to Find Other Federal, Regional, State and Local Grant Resources

  • NDSP State Assistance Grants: The NDSP supports State Dam Safety Programs in the development and maintenance of dam safety programs. The program enables statutory State Dam Safety Programs to take precautions that ensure the safety of the dams, such as the development of regulatory authority for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of dams, the undertaking of dam inspections, development of Emergency Action Plans for dams, and educating dam owners and the public about the necessity of dam safety. Grant assistance helps supports these efforts at the state level.

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