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How to Apply and Manage Grants

The PA Program Delivery Model is the process used by FEMA to deliver grant assistance to applicants following a disaster declaration. Projects are segmented based on the complexity of the type of work. Workflows are transparent and accountable through the online Grants Manager and Grants Portal tool. The process also pairs specialized staff, roles, and responsibilities to fit applicants’ needs; and, centralizes processing to ensure consistency across multiple disaster operations.

Communities interested in applying for a PA Grant should contact their local or state emergency manager to begin the process and submit a Request for Public Assistance Form. Applicants are highly encouraged to submit their forms through the online FEMA Grants Portal for faster processing.

Pre-Award and Award: The Four-Phase Approach

  1. Operational Planning
    • Phase 1 identifies an Applicant's disaster impacts and recovery priorities. FEMA conducts an Applicant Briefing and Exploratory Calls with potential Recipients, and a Recovery Scoping Meeting. A Program Delivery Manager is assigned to assist applicants with the PA Process.
  2. Damage Intake and Eligibility Analysis
    • Phase 2 captures an Applicant’s disaster-related damage and determine eligibility within 60 days of the Recovery Scoping Meeting. FEMA groups damages into projects and requests Essential Elements of Information from the Applicant to assist in completing the Damage Description and Dimension.
  3. Scoping and Costing
    • Phase 3 develops the Damage Description and Dimension (for Completed/Fully Documented projects), Statement of Work (if not provided by Applicant) and costs for projects. FEMA reviews and validates all damage documentation to include insurance, mitigation and Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation evaluation. The Applicant signs approval of finalized documentation.
  4. Obligation
    • Phase 4 obligates the projects, completes a Recovery Transition Meeting with the Applicant, and transitions Field Operations to the Region. FEMA reviews each project to ensure compliance with various codes and standards. Once Applicant signs approval of the project, the formal transition briefing is conducted.

Grants Manager and Grants Portal

The Grants Manager and Grants Portal tool is a two-part, online platform that is used to formulate and track award packages. Grants Manager is the internal platform used by FEMA specialists, while the Grants Portal is the external platform used by applicants, recipients, and sub-recipients to manage their projects.

Applicants can use the Public Assistance Grants Portal to:

  • Register for and update an applicant profile
  • Submit a Request for Public Assistance
  • Upload project documentation

Processing Forms, Templates, and Guidance

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Project Worksheets

Request Forms

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