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This page provides resource information related to Disaster Housing Planning.  You can access information from past and present programs and resources for planning.

Disaster Housing Resource Center

  • Interim Housing Resources - Interim Housing is referred to as the intermediate period of housing assistance that covers the gap between sheltering and the return of disaster survivors to permanent housing.
  • Permanent Housing Resources - Resources for the return of disaster survivors to permanent housing as part of their recovery from a disaster. 
  • The National Disaster Housing Strategy - The National Disaster Housing Strategy (the Strategy) serves two purposes. First, it describes how we as a Nation currently provide housing to those affected by disasters. It summarizes the many sheltering and housing efforts we have in the United States and the broad array of organizations that are involved in managing these programs. The Strategy also outlines the key principles and policies that guide the disaster housing process.

  • National Disaster Recovery Framework, Second Edition - The National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) establishes a common platform and forum for how the whole community builds, sustains, and coordinates delivery of recovery capabilities.

  • Catastrophic Housing Annex - The Housing Annex to the 2012 Federal Interagency Operations Plan-Hurricane

  • Recovery Federal Interagency Operational Plan - This 2016 Plan builds upon the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF), which sets the strategy and doctrine for how the whole community builds, sustains, and delivers the Recovery core capabilities identified in the National Preparedness Goal.

Individual Disaster Assistance

FEMA Disaster Assistance can help support your recovery from a major disaster. If you're ready to apply now for disaster assistance or would like more information on the types of assistance available please visit

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