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Greenville, SC

Appeal Brief

ApplicantSouth Carolina Emergency Management Division
Appeal Type1st
Project Number58
Date Signed2017-05-25T00:00:00
  • Issue
    • SC Emergency Management Division appealed on behalf of the City of Greenville on August 7, 2016. A change in scope of work (SOW) for acquisition and demolition of an alternate property had been denied on the basis that the newly proposed location was not listed as an alternate property in the original application.
  • Reason for Approval
    • The property was identified as an alternate site in the application, because it is a part of the Public Works Operations Center property, and the Center was identified in the application.
    • The alternate property met eligibility requirements.
    • The SOW change was consistent with HMGP intent.
  • References
    • 44 CFR Part 80.13(c) - Restriction on alternate properties
    • HMA Guidance Part VI D.2 -Scope of Work Changes
Last updated August 16, 2017