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Somerset County Crisfield MD

Appeal Brief

ApplicantMaryland Emergency Management Agency
Appeal Type1st
Project Number23
Date Signed2016-08-29T00:00:00
  • Issue
    • The scope of work (SOW) was to elevate ten (10) residential structures, but eight (8) of the participating property owners withdrew their properties from consideration.
    • The subapplicant requested a change in the SOW to elevation of eight new structures in place of those withdrawn.
    • The awarded project had a period of performance (POP) with an expiration of July 30, 2018.
  • Reason for Denial
    • The proposed SOW change was determined to meet eligibility criteria under HMGP.
    • All HMGP subapplications and any changes must be submitted within 12 months of Presidential disaster declaration, or within the Period of Availability (POA). The POA under the particular disaster had expired on May 20, 2014, before the SOW change was proposed, and changes are not allowable after close of the POA.
  • References
    • 44 CFR 206.436(d) Application Procedures - Application submission time limit
    • HMA Guidance Part IV D.2 - Scope of Work Changes
Last updated July 31, 2017