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Leavenworth, KS - Riverfront Community Center Floodwall

Appeal Brief

ApplicantKansas Division of Emergency Management
Appeal Type1st
Project Number2
Date Signed
• Issueo The State of Kansas in January 2012 submitted an HMGP subapplication for a floodwall project, requesting $389,332. The 375-foot limestone wall was designed to a height of 1.5 feet above base flood, with concrete sills on both ends where sandbags would be placed in the event of a large event flood. Portable pumps would also be used behind the floodwall. Region VII in March 2013 determined the project was ineligible for funding, and the City of Leavenworth submitted an appeal.• Reason for Denialo Region VII denied the 1st appeal on the basis that the project was ineligible as an activity because it relies upon emergency protective measures (sandbagging and temporary pumps), and the project without the sandbags, pumps and human intervention would not reduce the risk of future damage and solve the flooding problem independently.• Reference(s)o 44 CFR 206.434 (c) (4) Eligibility;   44 CFR 206.431 Definitions
Last updated Aug 19, 2014

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