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City of Tulsa - Elm Creek Basin

Appeal Brief

ApplicantOklahoma Department of Emergency Management
Appeal Type1st
Project Number48
Date Signed2013-08-27T00:00:00
• Issue
o The City of Tulsa, OK proposed a 65-acre detention pond to reduce flooding in the Elm Creek Basin, including demolition, excavation, modification of street elevations, and relocation of storm sewers, sanitary sewer and waterlines. The project scope of work indicated that 31 residential and non-residential properties would benefit from the project. FEMA Region VI denied the application and later denied a first appeal citing the same reasons as those cited in the application denial.
• Reason for Denial
o Region VI cited deficiencies in the SOW, engineering feasibility and effectiveness, cost estimate, NEPA compliance and project eligibility.
• Reference(s)
o 44 CFR 206.434 Eligibility; 44 CFR 206.440 Appeals
Last updated August 21, 2014