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AEMA Sandbagger (5%-lnitiative Program)

Appeal Brief

ApplicantAlabama Emergency Management Agency
Appeal Type1st
Project Number1
Date Signed

• Issueo The Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) submitted an HMGP project application under the 5% Initiative for the purchase of three portable, automated sandbag filling machines for deployment during flood fighting activities.  Region IV denied the application and 1st appeal, because FEMA does not approve HMGP funding for sandbagging machines and similar activities.• Reason for Denialo FEMA could not approve the activity because it did not meet minimum HMGP eligibility criteria, specifically the requirement that any funded activity provide a long-term mitigation solution.• Reference(s)o 44 CFR 206.440 Appeals; 44 CFR 206.434(c) Eligibility 

Last updated Aug 19, 2014

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