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Lyon County, Kansas - Acquisition Project

Appeal Brief

ApplicantKansas Division of Emergency Management
Appeal Type1st
Project Number9
Date Signed
• Issueo  An approved acquisition project consisted of the acquisition and demolition of an operating commercial building in Lyon County, Kansas. At the request of the subgrantee, FEMA provided two advance payments constituting approximately 75% of the Federal share to pay off the outstanding mortgage, to clear the title for sale and to allow the business to obtain construction financing for the relocation to a new structure. These funds were dispersed to the property owner and approximately one year later the Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM) requested a one year extension. It was noted that the acquisition had been completed approximately 10 months earlier, in order for the property owner to pursue a replacement facility and a waiver of the 90-day demolition rule was also requested. While funds had been dispersed to the property owner, the County had not obtained title to the property. FEMA Region VII terminated the award because of noncompliance, and Lyon County appealed.• Reason for Denialo Region VII based the denial of the 1st appeal on the fact that the project did not comply with program statutes, specifically the requirement that subapplicants take title on acquired properties within 14 days and that structures be demolished within 90 days.• Reference(s)o 44 CFR 206.434 Eligibility;   44 CFR 206.440 Appeals, 44 CFR 206.436(d) Application Procedures; The Stafford Act, Section 404; 44 CFR Parts 13.31 Real Property, 13.37 Subgrants, 13.40 Monitoring and 13.41 Financial Reporting;  80.1 Purpose and Scope, 80.19 Land Use and Oversight, 206.434 Eligibility, and 206.438 Project Management
Last updated Aug 19, 2014

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