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Jackson Township, PA - Lease Agreement Authorizing Sub-Surface Gas Drilling on HMGP-Acquired Land

Appeal Brief

ApplicantPennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
Appeal Type1st
Project Number4
Date Signed
The issue regards the request by Jackson Township, PA, for approval of a lease agreement permitting subsurface oil and gas extraction activities beneath HMGP-acquired land. FEMA Region III denied the request, and the denial was appealed by Jackson Township, the subgrantee.   Review of the appeal by Region III determined that the lease agreement was not in compliance with 44 CFR 80.19(b)(2) and 13.31(b); Respectively, written approval from the Regional Administrator was not obtained prior to conveying interest in the acquired land, and the lease agreement would encumber the titles of the twenty-seven properties constituting the acquired land.   FEMA Region III denied the appeal.
Last updated Aug 19, 2014

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