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Mitigation Planning

The Mitigation Planning process, and resulting hazard mitigation plan, includes hazard identification and risk assessment leading to the development of a comprehensive mitigation strategy for reducing risks to life and property.  The mitigation strategy section of the plan identifies a range of specific mitigation actions and projects being considered to reduce risks to new and existing buildings and infrastructure. This section includes an action plan describing how identified mitigation activities will be prioritized, implemented, and administered.
Planning activities funded by the HMA programs are designed to develop State, Territorial, Indian Tribal, and local mitigation plans that meet the planning requirements outlined in 44 C.F.R. Part 201, Mitigation Planning.  A mitigation planning subgrant award must result in a mitigation plan adopted by the jurisdiction(s) and approved by FEMA or it must result in an eligible planning-related activity.  Examples of eligible planning-related activities include incorporating new data into the risk assessment or updating the mitigation strategy to reflect current disaster recovery goals.