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Management Costs

Management Costs are any indirect costs and administrative expenses that are reasonably incurred by a Grantee or subgrantee in administering a grant or subgrant award.  Eligible Applicant or subapplicant management cost activities may include:

  • Solicitation, review, and processing of subapplications and subgrant awards;
  • Subapplication development and technical assistance to subapplicants regarding feasibility and effectiveness, BCA, and EHP documentation;
  • Geocoding mitigation projects identified for further review by FEMA;
  • Delivery of technical assistance (e.g., plan reviews, planning workshops, training) to support the implementation of mitigation activities;
  • Managing grants (e.g., quarterly reporting, closeout);
  • Technical monitoring (e.g., site visits, technical meetings);
  • Purchase of equipment, per diem and travel expenses, and professional development that is directly related to the implementation of HMA programs; and
  • Staff salary costs directly related to performing the activities listed above.