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Historic Structure

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Any structure that is:

(a) Listed individually in the National Register of Historic Places or preliminarily determined as meeting the requirements for individual listing on the National Register;

(b) Certified or preliminarily determined as contributing to the historical significance of a registered historic district;

(c) Individually listed on a state inventory of historic places; or

(d) Individually listed on a local inventory of historic places.

Communities may exempt historic buildings from NFIP substantial improvement and substantial damage requirements in either of two ways. First, they can exempt them through their definition of substantial improvement. Second, they can issue variances for historic structures. However, the improvement must not preclude the structures continued designation as a historic structure and must be the minimum necessary to preserve its historic character.

NFIP Requirement


IS-9 Managing Floodplain Development Through The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) (Pages 7-53) (PDF 8MB, TXT 1MB) (entire document)

FEMA P-467-2 Floodplain Management Bulletin on Historic Structures  (PDF 1.19M) (TXT 59.16K)

FEMA P-758 Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Desk Reference  (PDF) (TXT)

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Supplemental Information for Historic Structure

Federal Register, Vol. 54, No. 43, March 7, 1989 Proposed Rule, pp9524-9525

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