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National Advisory Council

The National Advisory Council (NAC) advises the Administrator on all aspects of emergency management, including preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation for natural disasters, acts of terrorism and other manmade disasters. 

NAC Meetings

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Advisory Council (NAC) Planning for Animal Wellness (PAW) subcommittee will hold a briefing on June 26, 2024. The NAC will be presented by the Planning for Animal Wellness (PAW) Subcommittee’s determination on the sufficiency of best practices and Federal guidance regarding congregate and non-congregate sheltering and evacuating planning, relating to the needs of household pets, service, and assistance animals, and captive animals, as appropriate, in emergency and disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The NAC will then vote on whether it concurs with the determination. 

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About National Advisory Council Membership


The NAC consists of up to 40 members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Administrator as Representatives, Special Government Employees (SGEs), or Ex Officio. To the extent practical, members are geographically diverse and represent a substantive cross-section of officials, emergency managers, and emergency response providers from state, local, tribal and territorial governments, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations.

The Administrator appoints NAC members to three-year terms, with approximately one-third expiring each year. NAC members may apply to serve a consecutive three-year term.

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The Administrator is pleased to include the following individuals on FEMA National Advisory Council.

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The NAC may establish subcommittees and working groups for any purpose consistent with its charter. Subcommittees and working groups may not work independently from the NAC and must report their recommendations and advice to the NAC for full deliberation and discussions. Subcommittees and working groups have no authority to make decisions on behalf of the NAC and may not report directly to the Administrator or any other entity.

The NAC has six sub-groups for 2024:

  • Readiness/Workforce Subcommittee
  • Climate Subcommittee
  • Gender-Based Violence Subcommittee
  • Emergency Management Reimagined Task Force [ad hoc]
  • Planning for Animal Wellness Working Group [Congressionally mandated]
  • Preliminary Damage Assessment Advisory Panel [Congressionally mandated]

The NAC also has had two Congressionally mandated subcommittees. More information for those is available here.

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NAC Authorities

Legislation required that FEMA establish the NAC to ensure input from and coordination with state, local, tribal and territorial governments, nonprofit, and private-sector emergency management communities on the development and revision of plans and strategies; the administration of and assessment of FEMA’s grant programs; and the development and evaluation of risk assessment methodologies.

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