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Arkansas Severe Storms and Tornadoes


תקופת האירוע: מרץ 31, 2023

תאריך ההצהרה: אפר' 2, 2023

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How to Help

Volunteer and Donate

Recovery can take many years after a disaster. There are many ways to help such as donating cash, needed items or your time. Learn more about how to help those in need.

Don’t self-deploy to disaster areas. Trusted organizations in the affected areas know where volunteers are needed. Work with an established organization to make sure you have the appropriate safety, training and skills needed to respond.

FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaisons (VALs) build relationships and coordinate efforts with voluntary, faith-based and community organizations active in disasters.

Doing Business with FEMA

If you are interested in providing paid services and goods for disaster relief, visit our Doing Business with FEMA page to get started.

If you own a business involved with debris removal and want to work on clean-up efforts in affected areas, please contact the local government in affected areas to offer your services.

מחויבויות למימון

סיוע פרטני Amount
Total Housing Assistance (HA) - Dollars Approved $5,118,333.68
Total Other Needs Assistance (ONA) - Dollars Approved $4,318,995.39
Total Individual & Households Program Dollars Approved $9,437,329.07
Individual Assistance Applications Approved 3591
סיוע ציבורי Amount
Emergency Work (Categories A-B) - Dollars Obligated $7,479,046.20
Permanent Work (Categories C-G) - Dollars Obligated $246,723.94
Total Public Assistance Grants Dollars Obligated $8,124,557.43