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Unified Federal Environmental and Historic Preservation Review (UFR) Library

The Unified Federal Environmental and Historic Preservation Review (UFR) Library contains documents associated with UFR Process development and implementation.  These documents, the Tools and Mechanisms, are for federal, tribal, state, and local stakeholders, including applicants and EHP practitioners.  The Tools and Mechanisms unify and expedite environmental and historic preservation (EHP) review for proposed disaster recovery projects because they can be in place before a disaster occurs, are scalable to the needs of a particular disaster, empower applicants, enable EHP practitioners to share data, apply existing efficiencies within EHP requirements to disaster recovery projects, and introduce new compliance pathways for specific EHP requirements.

The library contains the following: 

  • UFR Frequently Asked Questions
  • UFR Newsletters
  • Practitioner and Leadership Briefing Packages
  • Applicant Guide
  • Practitioner Guidance
  • Data Standards List and Instructions
  • Disaster-Specific Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Interagency Meeting Checklist
  • EHP Agency Point of Contact Lists and Instructions
  • EHP Disaster Recovery Skills Checklist
  • UFR Process Glossary
  • IT Resources List and Instructions
  • Prototype Programmatic Agreement for Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
  • Template Environmental Checklist for FEMA and HUD
  • UFR Fact Sheets for various stakeholders
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