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Hazus Tools

This page provides an overview of some of the tools used in conjunction with or within Hazus. This page is intended to give Hazus users an overview of some of the tools which can make Hazus more usable or effective.

These are tools developed specifically for the use with the Hazus Model software.

  • Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) Tool
    As a complementary tool to Hazus, CDMS provides users with the capability to update and manage statewide inventory datasets, which are currently used to support analysis in Hazus. The CDMS functions as a single user or shared desktop application and is installed during the Hazus installation.
  • Flood Information Tool (FIT)
    The Flood Information Tool (FIT) was designed to process and convert locally available flood information (coastal and riverine) to data that can be used by the Hazus flood model. The FIT User's Manual provides guidance to users for installing and using the tool to manipulate flood data into the format required by the Hazus flood model.  This tool may be used in ArcMap outside of Hazus.
  • Region VIII Hazus data extraction tool is included with the Hazus software, and can be found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Hazus-MH\BIN\Tools directory. It is provided as an ArcGIS tool that can be added to the Toolbox, or run using Python.


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