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Hazard Type Associations

Use this guide to help you determine what hazard you are writing about in your Best Practice story.

If you are looking for:Consider using:
Ash FallVolcano
AvalancheMudslide/Landslide, Winter Storm
BlizzardSevere Storm, Winter Storm
Brush FireWildfire
ColdExtreme Temperatures, Winter Storm
CycloneHurricane/Tropical Storm, Typhoon
Dust StormDrought, Extreme Temperatures,Severe Storm
ErosionCoastal Storm, Hurricane/Tropical Storm, Typhoon
ExplosionChemical/Biological, Fire, Nuclear, Technological, Terrorism
Flood, Flash FloodDam/Levee Break, Flooding
Forest FireWildfire
FreezeExtreme Temperatures, Winter Storm
Freezing RainSevere Storm, Winter Storm
Funnel CloudTornado
Ground SaturationFlooding
HailSevere Storm, Winter Storm
HeatExtreme Temperatures
High SurfCoastal Storm, Hurricane/Tropical Storm, Tsunami, Typhoon
IceExtreme Temperatures, Winter Storm
Ice JamFlooding
Lava/Debris FlowVolcano
Power OutageTechnological, Terrorism
RadiologicalChemical/Biological, Nuclear, Terrorism
RainFlooding, Hurricane/Tropical Storm, Severe Storm, Typhoon, Winter Storm
Rock SlideMudslide/Landslide
Seismic WaveEarthquake
SnowWinter Storm
Snow MeltFlooding
Storm SurgeHurricane/Tropical Storm, Typhoon
ThunderstormSevere Storm
Tropical DepressionHurricane/Tropical Storm, Severe Storm
Tidal WaveTsunami
VirusChemical/Biological, Terrorism
WindCoastal Storm, Hurricane/Tropical Storm, Severe Storm, Typhoon, Winter Storm

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