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Q: How do I request access to a specific disaster?

Submit a request to your Regional Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Branch Chief or your designated Regional Point of Contact.


Q: How do I link or delete a User to or from a Grantee for a specific disaster?

Complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in with the appropriate group ID and to the correct disaster number. From the NEMIS Main Menu, click Mitigation > HMGP > Disaster Overview, as shown below.
    Screenshot of Disaster overview menu from NEMIS-MT
  2. Click the User to Grantee Link tab.
  3. To link a User to a Grantee:
    1. Click the New button to create a new row in the User to Grantee table.
    2. Under the User Name column, select from the drop-down list of users.
    3. Under the Grantee Name column, select from the drop-down list of grantees.
    4. Click the Close button.
    5. NEMIS will confirm that you want to save changes. Select Yes.
      Screenshot of User to Grantee Tab from Disaster Overview
  4. To delete a User from a Grantee:
    1. Highlight the user you wish to delete.
    2. Click the Delete button.
    3. NEMIS will confirm that you want to delete. Select Yes.
      Screenshot of pop up Confirming the Deletion of a User from a Grantee

Q: How do I edit the Administrative and/or Mitigation Plan link for a designated Grantee?

The steps for Editing the Administrative and Mitigation Plan Link for a Designated Grantee are described in Chapter 3 of the National Emergency Management Information System - NEMIS –MT Users Manual.

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