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Guidelines for Coastal Flood Hazard Analysis and Mapping for the Pacific Coast of the United States

This page provides information on available FEMA resources concerning coastal flood hazard analysis and mapping for the Pacific coast of the United States. The primary audience for this content includes individuals and organizations engaged in flood risk analysis and mapping along the Pacific coast, such as state and local governments, academic researchers, and engineers.

FEMA is responsible for preparing flood hazard maps that delineate hazard zones and Base (1-percent-annual-chance) Flood Elevations in coastal areas of the United States. These areas are among the most densely populated and economically important areas in the United States. Coastal areas are subject to a variety of natural processes that result in significant hazards to public safety and property along the Nation’s coastlines, including extreme conditions of storm surge flooding, waves, erosion, rainfall, and wind.

Phase 1 Summary Report for Coastal Flood Hazard Analysis and Mapping for the Pacific Coast of the United States documents the results of a project to evaluate existing FEMA procedures for delineating coastal flood hazard areas in three major coastal regions of the United States—the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific—and to develop new guidelines and procedures for the Pacific region. The goal of this project was to incorporate recent advances in the sciences and in coastal engineering into a recommended approach for improved coastal flood hazard mapping, based on an understanding of local and regional coastal processes.

The results of the project above were used to create a new Section D.4 of Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners, Appendix D: Guidance for Coastal Flooding Analyses and Mapping. Section D.4 provides guidelines, procedures, and standards for performing coastal flood hazard analyses and delineating coastal flood hazard areas for the Pacific coast of the United States. This section focuses on the Pacific Coast from the U.S.-Mexico border to the U.S.-Canada border, and does not address hazards in Alaska, Hawaii, or other Pacific islands.


Phase 1 Summary Report

Guidelines for Coastal Flood Hazard Analysis and Mapping for the Pacific Coast of the United States

Technical Memorandum: Guidance for Coastal Flood Hazard Analyses and Mapping in Sheltered Waters

The resources above, as well as other useful FEMA, National Flood Insurance Program, and flood hazard mapping resources, are located in the FEMA Library.

Other Coastal Flood Hazard Technical Resources

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