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Annual Fact Sheets: BCAT & Mutual Aid for Building Departments

Building code adoption tracking (BCAT) data is used to produce sets of fact sheets for BCAT and the Mutual Aid for Building Departments on an annual basis.

Visit the BCAT Glossary for definitions of commonly used terms and acronyms in the fact sheets.

Annual BCAT Fact Sheets

The annual Building Code Adoption Tracking (BCAT) fact sheets provide an overview of the building code adoption status within each state and territory, organized by FEMA region. The fact sheets:

  • Describe weakening amendments the state or territory introduced into the building or residential code for any of the five tracked hazards (damaging wind, hurricane wind, tornado, seismic, and flood)
  • Assess the building and residential codes for mandatory or limited statewide or territory-wide applicability
  • Show the percentage of hazard-resistant jurisdictions within each state or territory


Higher ResistanceState or territory has 75% or more resistant jurisdictions
Moderate ResistanceState or territory has 25% or more resistant jurisdictions, but less than 75%
Lower ResistanceState or territory has less than 25% resistant jurisdictions

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Annual MABD Fact Sheets

The annual Mutual Aid for Building Department (MABD) regional fact sheets provide an overview of mutual aid laws and regulations in each state or territory, for response teams to assist with building code safety and enforcement after disasters. The fact sheets:

  • Describe the intrastate mutual aid system (IMAC) in each state or territory
  • Describe how each state or territory has incorporated private sector into its mutual aid response system
  • Describe legal protections for private personnel conducting disaster response efforts in coordination with state, territory or local government officials
  • Highlight provisions related to architects, engineers or design professionals


Out-Out IMACState or territory has an opt-out IMAC system
Opt-In IMACState or territory has an opt-in IMAC system
Individual Compactsstate or territory has no unified IMAC system, but instead relies on individual compacts amongst jurisdictions
No IMACState or territory has no significant, recognizable IMAC system at all

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